Opening Times & Prices

Friday, October 6: from 17,00 To 3,00
Saturday, October 7: from 12,00 to 3,00
Sunday, October 8: from 12,00 to 24,00

Daily ticket: 15 Euro, including the glass, glass bag, guide to Beer tasting and 4 tokens (of 1 euro each value.)
Subscription for three days: 24Euro (no tokens)

*The ticket office at the Salone delle Fontane will be open during the hours of the festival, and up to one hour before closing.

*The ticket purchased online does not include tokens that can be purchased within the event.
Online purchased tickets ensure entry to the event without making queues at peak times.

Click here to buy a daily ticket (9 euro + 1 euro pre-sale) or
to buy the subscription for three days (21 euros + 1 euro pre-sale)

Minors: Children from 0 to 18 years of age must be accompanied. For children aged 0 to 14 (not completed), the entrance is free of charge. For teenagers aged 14 to 18, entrance is reduced.

Tasting mode and beer costs:

Change tokens (1 token = 1 Euro).
For the large number of beers present at the event each beer will have indicated its price on the Guide. The price can range from 2 to 3 euros for half beer and from 4 to 6 euros per full glass.

PARKING and PUBLIC TRANSPORT: About 2,000 free parking spaces, and connection by metro and bus (for more information please see How To Get)