The Space

The “Salone delle Fontane”, situated in the heartland of EUR, a pulsating and vibrantly modern area in the south of Rome, spreads over 2000sqm and with its well-appointed décor and design, is one of the most elegant and impressive locations in the Eternal City.
A network of outdoor fountains, richly adorned with engraved mosaic patterns, granite staircases and an expansive park edging round the venue, set the stage for the impressive hallway, designed in the style of monumentalist architecture by Italian architect Gaetano Minnucci on the 1930s in connection with the “Universal Exposition” that was due to open in Rome in 1942.

Definitely one of the architectural highlights in the complex is an elegantly finished, extremely spacious hall, enriched by colonnades and marble pavements and featuring 12 oversize windows, each measuring 9 metres in height, allowing light to flood in quite naturally. Hanging on the wall down the far end is a painting by Gino Severini which he made in 1953 using a Masonite laminate.

The “Salone delle Fontane” will turn into an enormous pub: two long counters stretching down the middle of the structure and to be equipped with 400 beer taps, will be made available to the beer-makers taking part in the event.

Right across the whole venue, elegant corner seating, lush sofas, tables and of course washing facilities to wash your glasses, are there to make your festival experience as pleasant as possible.
Outside, the high-vaulted, spacious portico, lying opposite richly-decorated fountains and marble staircases, will become – for three days – an amazing gateway to one of Rome’s leafy suburbs, Eur.  Ample Parking Space

The Venue Plan
50 stalls will be set up, each to be allocated to a specific beer-maker, including Italian companies and a large number of leading, international brands, all of which have been collaborating with “Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fá” for many years.

A complete list of participants is to follow shortly. Needless to say, only the very best – the crème de la crème in all matters beer-related – will be picked from among a constellation of both Italian and international names.